Alessia Gatti is an Italian actress, filmmaker and producer born in Fano, a small seaside town located on the eastern coast of Italy. She's the creator of Hands of New York, mini documentary series filmed in NYC and the founder of Acid Green Productions. She has written many articles regarding the West Village for the Italian magazine called Nuok.

Alessia Gatti



Richard Eric Weigle is a producer and actor best known for producing the acclaimed documentary "Broadway:The Golden Age" directed by Rick McKay and the long awaited and much anticipated sequel, "Broadway: Beyond The Golden Age" which is due in theaters later this year. In 2015, Richard collaborated with Rick McKay once again to produce "Greenwich Village: A World Apart" which won
Best Greenwich Village Portrait in last year's first ever Greenwich Village Film Festival. A longtime resident of Greenwich Village and President of The Grove Street Block Association.

Richard Eric Weigle

Sponsorship Director & Community Outreach Coordinator


Kazuya Morimoto




Kazuya Morimoto is a New York City based artist born and raised in Japan.

He has been devoting most of his time to painting the streets of New York City, especially historical preservation areas such as Greenwich Village, the West Village, and nearby neighborhoods. He has been archiving old shop fronts and capturing the moments of local scenes before they change and loose their current quality. He attends local art events and helps to save and revitalize the uniqueness of local scenes.


Anna Panova

social media coordinator



Anna Panova is a NYC-based filmmaker and journalist who was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. Since her teenage years until today she writes analytical articles for various newspapers about music and world cinema. Over the years Anna developed a deep love to film that made her go and study it in New York. Today she works on her personal projects, including the latest short documentary ‘For our fathers’, which is now in post-production stage. Anna loves Greenwich Village's and it's artistic, film and literary heritage.


Terry Greenberg




Veteran studio marketing executive Terry Greenberg has enjoyed an extensive career in both film publicity and production.  She managed numerous national publicity campaigns for Paramount Pictures and The Walt Disney Company, and then moved on to the film festival circuit, including the New York Film Festival and DOC NYC.  She has produced a variety of A-list panels and events, including a "Women in Comedy" series in conjunction with Caroline's On Broadway and the New York Comedy Festival.  Terry is a former Board member of New York Women in Film & Television.  She is the owner of Short and Sweet Productions


Antonio Padovan

VP & Treasurer


Antonio Padovan is a West Village based director, writer and producer born and raised in Venice, Italy.

Some of his commercials and early short films, like "Perry St" and "Jack Attack", were shot entirely in the West Village, and were showcased in more than a hundred film festivals, winning collectively more than forty awards.

Michael Anastasio



Michael Anastasio is best

known for his participation in Rick McKay’s “Broadway: The Golden Age Trilogy” as an Associate producer. He is also credited as an Associate Producer 

of “Greenwich Village: A World Apart” which won “Best Greenwich Village Portrait” in last year’s first ever 

Greenwich Village Film Festival. 

Mr. Anastasio, an Interior Designer, is a long time resident of Greenwich Village.

Martha Frances Williams

associate producer



Martha Frances Williams is A NYC based actor, producer, and creative entrepreneur. After graduating from The Savannah College of Art and Design she moved to NYC to intern for Above The Title Entertainment. She is a member of: SAG-AFTRA, NYWIFT, several independent organizations geared towards the creation of new work, and an event curator for Her Agenda. Her focus is on the support of female creative entrepreneurs and developing new and engaging stories that explore universal vulnerabilities.

Tsyen Shen is a NYC based filmmaker. She is the creator of the web series “Grab and Go”, which tells colorful and unique stories of chinese immigrants’ day to day life right in the heart of West Village. Her first short film “Ben’s Morning”, has drawn the attention many international film festivals, and has been screened at many venues, including the Tribeca Cinema, Landmark Sunshine Cinema, and many other major theaters in NYC.


Tsyen Shen